About Us

  • The 112 unit building to the right has  been looked after by us for 5 years. We deliver a consistent and quality service that people are happy with.


Yes, we are a small business but we have experience with a range of cleaning tasks from basic mop and bucket to high pressure cleaning of chutes to acid cleaning brick work. Our experience with large buildings and small residential allows us to cater for a wide variety of customers.

Yes, we emphasize values because there are many businesses to choose from but not all operate in an honorable way. We want you to know this about us so that you know WHO you are getting and not just what  cleaning service.

  • We are not a franchise so there are no unnecessary higher charges

  • We are a team that works closely with each other

  • A business that is fully insured with public liability and workers compensation

  • Employees are valued and paid properly. No exploitation of employees no matter what nationality! (It seems a strange thing to mention but the truth is that many people are taken advantage of - underpaid and/or illegally working)​

  • Good communication with business owner to meet clients needs

  • ‘No fluff, Just results’ mentality – No gimmicks, no misleading advertising or business tricks to deceive the client

  • suitable charges that satisfy both the needs of the business and the clients requirements. Usually it takes a bit of discussion to arrive at a price and scope to achieve a service that both parties are happy with.


My experience with the business owner is that he is very reliable, honest, accurate, hard working, Easy to get along with, very agreeable and willing to be flexible. He is Self-motivated and gets the job done efficiently without having to be continually checked.

Greg, Manager of Camp Kedron

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It’s a blessing from above that I have met you.

Truly you are a breath of fresh air!

Our company has been receiving great compliments and the morale by the locals has been so high.

Strata is overwhelmed that no more complaints are made with regards to the state of the 3 residential and commercial blocks your company looks after.

Keep up the great work !!

- Est. since 2013 -


ABN: 98784995209

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