Hard Floor Maintenance 


Internal or External

  • Tiled, Vinyl and other hard surfaces 

  • Factory floors

  • Gym floors

  • Indoor sports courts

  • Textured surfaces

  • Non-slip tiled surfaces

  • Airport tarmac

1) Text a picture of your item to be cleaned to 0413 669 332

2) Include details (Location, Size in square meters, surface, problem and any other details that might help)

3) Receive an estimate!

Why use a machine to scrub your floors?

Dirt and grime build up and get trapped over time and the mop and bucket method starts to lose its effectiveness to produce a result because much more force and sometimes stronger chemicals are required to remove the build up. Using harsh chemicals with a mop and bucket is not recommended because it cannot effectively  remove the residual chemical. This leaves the floor in a worse state because the residual chemical will attract more dirt and become worse. A machine scrubber will apply force, scrubbing the floor and picking up any dirt and residual chemical through a vacuum system so that the floor can be maintained with a neutral floor chemical and a mop until a scrub is required again.

Check out this link to see it in action!


Strip and Seal

The polish on the floor gets scratched and damaged and loses its luster. We provide a simple strip, polish and buff to restore it to its former glory.

1. Prepare the area by masking off the sides

2. Apply the correct stripper to remove the old polish

3. Once removed, Apply Polish in cross layers, 2-3 coats

- Est. since 2013 -


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